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Innovative Medical Shelter for Medical Response

Introduction: During medical emergencies, hospitals represent the final point of the entire rescue process. Therefore, effective mobile health structures must be inserted between hospitals and the place of the event with the aim of providing the best treatment (using appropriate and easy-to-use equipment) for a safer and faster evacuation to hospitals. Methods: A literature review of national and international disaster medicine standards were used to provide clinical, hygienic, and organizational needs for the medical structure design. Project requirements were obtained by analyzing structural, organizational, and clinical process necessities. Structural requirements to respond to the possibility of installation on every ground type, resistance to every weather condition, and necessity of easy and fast transportation were found. Results: The designed structure results to be a Longitudinal Expandable Shelter (LES) for medical emergency response organized in three internal functional areas. The possibility of automatic expandability allows for rapid transportation and easy deployment. The functional internal organization consists of three areas: (1) diagnostic; (2) therapeutic; and (3) pre-evacuation monitoring. Furthermore, longitudinal expandability supports the basic hygienic rules in healthcare processes allowing for the unidirectional flow of casualties from dirtier to cleaner areas of the structure. Conclusions: The LES is an answer to expressed requisites by disaster medicine standards and guidelines. It aims to provide efficient support for response to disasters or emergencies, by improving aspects related to effectiveness, hygiene, and quality of clinical performances.

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